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Worth the read to all interested parties. We like doing the extra work here at SILO, we think it allows us to make unique products that we are very proud of. And it gains us the opportunity to support local agriculture and bring out the best in what Vermont has to offer. That being said, there are large and small companies out there that are in the practices described in this article, so it should never be about pointing the finger at the small guys out there who are trying to make a product in their own local communities. Many of your favorite imports do the very same thing. Buying local is still buying local, and supporting your community and those who are a part of it should always be a high priority, granted that the products are made with principle and honesty. Educating yourself on what questions to ask and where the things you buy come from is a very important and advantageous practice. In the end, it's all about what YOU like. We hope you like us, but either way, we'll always have a chair waiting at the table.

A food blogger says dozens of distilleries are buying rye whiskey from a factory in Indiana and using it in bottles labeled "artisan."

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